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Time After Time

Lyrics:Sammy Cahn
Music:Jule Styne

The song was publishe 1947.

The songwriting team of Sammy Cahn (lyrics)
and Jule Styne (music) wrote “Time After Time” during the period
they were working closely with Frank Sinatra.
It’s no surprise then that the version by “Ol’ Blue Eyes” hit the charts in 1947
and rose to #16.

Cahn and Styne had met Sinatra during his tenure with Tommy Dorsey,
and when he left the trombonist’s band to start a solo
career the pair began writing numbers for him.
In 1946 they actually left New York on the train with Sinatra
and family for Hollywood.
Once there, the songwriters and Sinatra started putting on little
“theatrical productions” involving their friends.
According to Theodore Taylor’s biography
Jule: The Story of Composer Jule Styne, these shows were
elaborate presentations with complete scores and intricate sketches.

What good are words I say to you?
They can't convey to you what's in my heart
If you could hear instead
The things Ive left unsaid

Time after time
I tell myself that im
So lucky to be loving you

So lucky to be
The one you run to see
In the evening, when the day is through

I only know what I know
The passing years will show
Youve kept my love so young, so new

And time after time
Youll hear me say that im
So lucky to be loving you

Frank Sinatra(Time After Time)
Frank Sinatra

Ella Fitzgerald(Time After Time)
Ella Fitzgerald

Margaret Whiting(Time After Time)
Margaret Whiting

Etta James(Time After Time)
Etta James

Nancy Wilson(Time After Time)
Nancy Wilson

Frank Sinatra

Nancy Wilson

Kathryn Grayson

Miles Davis

Rod Stewart

Carly Simon

Chet Baker

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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